• Cahira + MacGyver = Love

    the modern warrior collection is a celebration of powerful women who make a difference and fight the good fight every day. 
  • jewels on trend - ss2020

    now that fashion weeks are all in high gear, we will be seeing what will persist as far as trends. for {dk} punk chic is still very en vogue a...
  • last chance this decade for {dk} in the wild

    it just dawned on me that we are closing out the time flies! my last holiday market will be at the awesome and iconic grey eagle musi...
  • top 10 holiday gifts for her!

    The top 10 gifts for her this holiday season!
  • hOlidAy pOp up at asheville social club

    i cannot wait to participate in this great event! it will be my first here in Asheville and it will be such a huge opportunity for the AVL to see w...