Cahira + MacGyver = Love

as i started to create my modern warrior collection i wanted to imbue my pieces with proper badassery, so i chose names that, in several languages, meant warrior, champion, or victor. cahira is celtic for warrior, it is an ancient and deep name makes me think of metal clad women defending their island with a blaze of red hair and pale skin dappled with mud and freckles - it is a vision that empowers me, that is what i truly wanted from these pieces.

today i don't need to defend a windswept island, but i do need to protect those that are vulnerable, my own body and this earth. the battles being waged today are just as epic as when time began and our foes are just as dangerous. so while this ring is not the answer to defeating the patriarchy or climate change it does make you feel a little stronger, a little more confident, a little more badass and anything that helps arm us to get through these days is worthy of a little praise, no?!

the added benefit is this ring will also be on some pretty amazing women on this season of MacGyver (episode 9 to be exact) along with some other {dk} pieces. women that are portrayed as strong, brilliant and capable and that couldn't make me more proud.