top 10 holiday gifts for her!

the holiday season is here and we all need to get the perfect gifts for those important people on our lists. i thought it would be good to breakdown some of my and my talented friends' best items that will make every woman on your list feel loved.

#10 - the teenager: guaranteed to up your cool cred is my 'badassery bracelet' not only is it legit beautiful, it is also affordable and was on the CW's Riverdale, so you'll get extra awesome parent points 

#9/#8 - the college kid: this is a sure fired way to wow your not yet fully adult but definitely not a kid, kid - both pieces were featured on the Charmed reboot and both are made by my very talented friends; hexagon necklace & triple moon goddess ring

#7 - your best friend: could you really get through life without her? i know i always need mine, and all the women of my tribe...we lean on each other, help each other and are always there with a hug and an adult beverage should the situation warrant it. so this holiday season get her something as amazing and unique and special as she is {spoiler these earrings are actually named after one of my most favorite people} my tara earrings - sophisticated and funky

#6 - your awesome office mate: need that perfect secret santa  for your work bestie that will be so much more than rose gold desk organizers, this beautiful and dainty 'pollen ring' by my incredibly talented friend Kristin Larson is THE GIFT this season...sidenote Kristin will be popping up again on this list...grab this little sweetie for the office babe and yourself!


#5/#4/#3- your sister: lets face it, they know you better than you know yourself so i think they should get some serious top billing {3 spots, WHAT?!} yup, lets here it for the one who is linked to you like no other, your partner in crime and holder of secrets... this holiday season let your sister know how much you love her and you celebrate her - #5 is my friend Kim's beautiful earrings & #4 is my friend Jaclyn's bracelet both were worn on This Is Us, I know, you can both grab a tissue and rewatch the episodes they are in with each other! #3 is Kristin's {I told you she was awesome} handwriting jewelry, there are several styles and pieces to choose from, but what better way to share your love of each other and family than with your Mom, Dad or Grandparents words and in their handwriting.

#2 - your wife: she deserves all the things, right? so step away from the monotony of the big box store and give her something that was made with a lot of love and two hands, not some assembly line...for this i offer my very good friend Alysha Whitfield's work, from engagement rings to mothers rings, she has you exquisitely covered

mothers ringengagement ring

#1- YOU! you have run all around town, or at least around the whole internet to land the perfect gift for everyone, its time you celebrate you with a beautiful piece of jewelry. this definitely falls under the category of self care! for this, i offer my francesca ring, bold, beautiful and soothing as the focal piece can be used as a focus or meditating stone when the rest of the world is a little too extra