rs stacker ringsi love this rockstar stacker ring set. i love stackers in general, but when you bump them up a little and make them something more than just rings…they can elevate to an emotion. while all of my pieces are made with joy and love and i believe they find their people, some pieces are just extra special. this ring has that thing.

with each layer you are reminded – you are beautiful. you are powerful. you are a star {rockstar, that is}

this set is earmarked for a project, but i am so excited how it came out, i think that it has earned a spot in the permanent line up. so if this rockstar set speaks to you, let me know and maybe snag a set at the Keep It Local show


walking the walk – be brave

one of my mantra’s is be brave. i wear it on my finger as a reminder and make inspo instagram posts to remind myself and my tribe on the regular. but words feel fluffy and light until you have to walk the walk and actually be BRAVE. **please know that i know bravery means different thing to different people, i honor that difference in us all**, but for me, for this day, bravery is in the form of examining what is my artistic voice, how do i authentically articulate it and am i worthy of financial recognition from an arts organization for said body of work… so you know, no big, right?! 

so here is the wrap up paragraph – it feels like me, so it can’t be wrong:

“For six years I have been fabricating, experimenting, challenging and creating. The work is my meditation, what is produced is what I offer back in gratitude.  I believe that jewelry is personal. It is art adorned. It is a memory that is captured, like bespoke wedding bands. It honors a love lost in reliquaries and heirlooms handed down.

My work is a collaboration of many disciplines – traditional forging and fabrication mixed with precious metal clay, as well as an introduction of wood, resin, glass and aluminum. With curiosity and experimentation I have produced an eclectic body of work that I hope represents the whole dani – fun, complicated, beautiful, weird, memorable and most importantly perfectly imperfect.”


so here’s to leaping and the falling and the trust that comes and truth that is borne in us all – find your brave today {dk} fans and remember i am right there with you!






everyday learning

everyday i am amazed that i get to do what i love. everyday i learn something about my craft, my business, my clients…it keeps me engaged and keeps me on my toes. it is particularly good when i revisit a previously held belief and through my experience or just the perspective of older eyes, i can challenge that original belief and make a break through. i will explain… i have found in jewelry there are some specific buckets we fall into – makers and designers. makers love their bench and the dirty hands that result from a long day of fabrication. designers imagine, they put magic onto paper or with computer programs create intricate notions and then they pass along those designs to someone to create. both have their place, there is room for us all – i am a maker.

when i started my jewelry education i was taught the rules of hand built fabrication and the thought of casting my designs for multiples seemed an assault to my creative process. today, 6 years into my business and with a need to reconcile my production with the fact that i am a solopreneur has lead me to explore the power of this great technique. in the beginning i was naive, lost in the heady notion that all things needed to be one of a kind – stuck in my bucket. today i see the benefits and am intrigued by what casting can offer me…i know that i can still be unique with my designs and offerings and meet demand without experiencing burnout – growth.


so i challenge you, dig into that bag of your non-negotiables and look with new eyes…is there anything in there that you see differently? 

built for love

he is my sun ~ my warmth, my nourishment and my center. i am his home, his whimsy and his smile…together we have celebrated 15 years of marriage, friendship and adventure. we are built for this love of ours and for our 15th year i wanted to celebrate this love with bands that spoke to its largeness….this is the gift i can give.




we are on the move

happy holidays {dk} fans ~ we are on the move and will be relocating to BOSTON! it is super exciting and we can’t wait to get back to the beautiful city that we love…the bench will be cool and closed thru the move, but please make sure you check out all of my lovely shops that carry {dk} and remember to shop local this season for beautiful gifts made by hand and with heart.

sunrise over southie by David R Keith Photography

sunrise over southie by David R Keith Photography

bring on the funk!

funk parade

don’t miss a chance to gather with the great dc masses and brink on the funk! funk parade, that is… with an estimated 70,000 people, this parade and gathering brings together all that is dc – the happy, diverse and warm people that make this city so wonderful. so come on out, soak the dazzling sun, listen to some funky music and be immersed in all of the goodness.

In 2013 Rood partnered with Chris Naoum of Listen Local First, which encourages Washingtonians to hear, see and support local musicians.  Together they met with dozens of local businesses, nonprofits and community leaders, who shared the vision of a Funk Parade, and a celebration of U Street’s history and present-day role as a home to live music and the spirit of coming together for the city. In 2014, over 25,000 Washingtonians participated in the first-ever DC Funk Parade. In 2015, over 50,000 Washingtonians from all corners of the city came together for the second Funk Parade. Be a part of the third!

and if that wasn’t enough, {dk} is having a one day pOp up at rosies and rockers it’s the perfect spot – where the parade ends and the shopping can begin. with one of kind fashion with a serious edge, this boutique is the perfect venue to showcase my spring collection.

want more info on the line up and details of the parade click here

everyday i’m blooming

spring is here and that means show season is upon us… i am so excited to be participating in the National Museum of Women in the Arts – Makers Mart in the beginning of the month and my very favorite show – Keep it Local  on the very last day of april. i love the promise of clear blue skies and busy bench and the chance to see my amazing fans that so generously support my craft.


so happy spring and happy blooming!



home sweet home

two times a year, wherever i am on this planet i make a pilgrimage home for the keep it local show…. i do get home other times as well, but there is something so very sweet about these trips. this group of artisans are my extended family, we disperse, have adventures and then gather back. they are a comfort and balancing force, and it is this injection of togetherness that keeps me in check.  i thrive as an artist because i have a tribe, a group of compatriots who get me and my little slice of the world.  we are there when there is joy and when there is grief. we celebrate our gifts and we honor our need to give back.

i am a very luck girl indeed!