who i am

a maker that loves to create

i find great joy in the process of making and while all of my practice is informed by the structure of rules, i frequently break them to realize my vision. i love the imperfect, that is a guiding principle in my work, all of my pieces are intentionally hand hewn and I seek new ways to play with color, texture and form.

there is an addiction that occurs when you are a craftsman, the love of the material shapes all that you see, so really everything that i absorb serves as inspiration and makes for an ever evolving brand that celebrates and honors the uniqueness of what is original, flawed and sublimely beautiful.

what i do

believe in the beauty of imperfection

for 7 years I have been fabricating, experimenting, challenging and creating. the work is my meditation, what is produced is what I offer back in gratitude.  i believe that jewelry is personal.  

with curiosity and experimentation, i have produced an eclectic body of work that i hope represents the whole dani - fun, complicated, beautiful, weird, memorable and most importantly perfectly imperfect.

all work is created in my boston, ma studio

want to create something together? let's get started!