walking the walk – be brave

one of my mantra’s is be brave. i wear it on my finger as a reminder and make inspo instagram posts to remind myself and my tribe on the regular. but words feel fluffy and light until you have to walk the walk and actually be BRAVE. **please know that i know bravery means different thing to different people, i honor that difference in us all**, but for me, for this day, bravery is in the form of examining what is my artistic voice, how do i authentically articulate it and am i worthy of financial recognition from an arts organization for said body of work… so you know, no big, right?! 

so here is the wrap up paragraph – it feels like me, so it can’t be wrong:

“For six years I have been fabricating, experimenting, challenging and creating. The work is my meditation, what is produced is what I offer back in gratitude.  I believe that jewelry is personal. It is art adorned. It is a memory that is captured, like bespoke wedding bands. It honors a love lost in reliquaries and heirlooms handed down.

My work is a collaboration of many disciplines – traditional forging and fabrication mixed with precious metal clay, as well as an introduction of wood, resin, glass and aluminum. With curiosity and experimentation I have produced an eclectic body of work that I hope represents the whole dani – fun, complicated, beautiful, weird, memorable and most importantly perfectly imperfect.”


so here’s to leaping and the falling and the trust that comes and truth that is borne in us all – find your brave today {dk} fans and remember i am right there with you!






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