everyday learning

everyday i am amazed that i get to do what i love. everyday i learn something about my craft, my business, my clients…it keeps me engaged and keeps me on my toes. it is particularly good when i revisit a previously held belief and through my experience or just the perspective of older eyes, i can challenge that original belief and make a break through. i will explain… i have found in jewelry there are some specific buckets we fall into – makers and designers. makers love their bench and the dirty hands that result from a long day of fabrication. designers imagine, they put magic onto paper or with computer programs create intricate notions and then they pass along those designs to someone to create. both have their place, there is room for us all – i am a maker.

when i started my jewelry education i was taught the rules of hand built fabrication and the thought of casting my designs for multiples seemed an assault to my creative process. today, 6 years into my business and with a need to reconcile my production with the fact that i am a solopreneur has lead me to explore the power of this great technique. in the beginning i was naive, lost in the heady notion that all things needed to be one of a kind – stuck in my bucket. today i see the benefits and am intrigued by what casting can offer me…i know that i can still be unique with my designs and offerings and meet demand without experiencing burnout – growth.


so i challenge you, dig into that bag of your non-negotiables and look with new eyes…is there anything in there that you see differently? 

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